July 13, 1996 was the day that changed the trajectory of my life. 15 years ago to the date, I left my job singing a Natalie Merchant song aloud to myself as I walked to my car when I was abducted at knifepoint. I may have been a victim that day, but today I am an empowered survivor…and thriver! I founded PAVE because after I was assaulted, countless people disclosed that they had been affected by sexual violence as well – but nearly all of them by someone who they knew and trusted. I travel the country and abroad educating audiences and engaging men and women to take an active role in this issue.

Thank you to model, TV host, and PAVE Ambassador April Rose for making the video below and thanks to Glenn from 220 Communications for this post: http://t.co/7nRGDiI

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We must be the voice for everyone who has been silenced by violence!