6 Responses to “Friends”

  1. Great Website! Who took your photos? You look gorgeous. Great lighting. A positive vibe. Watched your sacramento interview. Such poise. You have been branded…Angela Rose. Can I get your autograph?

  2. Janet Clark Says:

    Hi Angela,
    Thanks for all your hard work for survivors- and to prevent others from suffering the same abuses. I’m linking this at Pandora’s Aquarium.

    Janet Clark, proud member of the Board of Directors for PAVE!

    1. angelaroseinfo Says:

      Thanks Janet!! I am inspired by you and am so happy you’re a part of our PAVE team!!

  3. Pamela Shoop Says:

    I have an idea that will help all victims of crime

    14 hours ago
    Pamela Shoop

    2 hours ago
    Pamela Shoop

    History has guided our Nobel Prize winning scientists awards for missile and nuclear technologies used on humanities in recent and previous wars. History is gone, however not forgotten as we know we constantly re-visit. As time goes by generations who with their horrendous eye witness stories of the sadness they have felt for so long. Caged memories defined their influences affecting children of parents who fought for our country and other countries rights to peace. Turning to today with the production of movies, plus video games featuring so much disregard as they slaughter humans all over again.

    Much as the Nobel Laureate are creating a peace map, ‘ Hope Island One Plateau Foundation ‘ would emphasize the need for a Victims Corporation. Focusing on the immediate needs of preventing the environmental catastrophes before the destruction of the helpless victims and their properties, health, either inside or outside of the sphere of influence unto justice for them and for all.

    One Plateau refers to all the knowledge we have gained from our ancestors, all those who spent time with us and throughout time have aged, together we have all witnessed the greatest of humanity gray, their bodies weaken, then vanish, at least from our sight, certainly their influence live on.

    I asked what we are made of? Why can’t anyone as science tell us? What happens when we are no longer? Dissecting everything on this earth, atmosphere, studying the elements, which ones change and why, all my questions were answered. One by one, researching, compiling facts, my book is the size of a phone book, however, I have reduced it to about 100 pages. When moving off of Avalon, Catalina Island, finding out all the precious jewels, plant life, insects, larvae that go into our being and seeing what man does to other man, murdered, domestic violence, car accidents, child killers, just the shear destruction of wars the carnage, just made me hysterical, the crosses on the roads, blood on the freeways; Fifteen years ago I thought about a victims foundation, cutting articles, obituaries, I am the girl in the middle of the room with every victims story; I have proved that we can communicate it is logical… I am German heritage, it is logic, if you are seeing through your eyes they can also see it, you just have to awaken to the signs and symbols, it is solely because of our expired ancestors and everyone else we acknowledge that we can respire their ideas, creativity, love, all things they were, we have that chance to carry on with similar paths etc…

    Science has done this; left us in the dark, let diseases happen; environmental; there are ways to use our oceans for energy, they knew this long ago; but, that will not make billionaires, or wars happen, has science let us in on anything? Educated us in a lay persons level; that is what this book is a lay persons dictionary, it is so simple, joining all these great organizations, from feeding children, taking care of animals, environmental causes all combine, together change this course of destruction, change laws, look into the illegal sale of weapons, street guns, we need to make the first responders kings and queens, nurses, doctors, elder care esp. the only way to get ahead is if those people who don’t need money, have a good living or are retired can volunteer as care takers, chefs, entertainment for our seniors, they need help so bad; I am taking care of my mother, this is first hand, the illegals are doing this, lifting, changing them, feeding them, the dirty work, they need a guest worker pass and help, they are overworked, injuring themselves, underpaid servants…think of all the ways the stock market make money, cancer drugs, lets all work together to prevent cancer, let Nobel Laureates in Science run this huge organization, ending wars…

    We have to use our intelligence, we need to hear more creative vision, we have the ideas to end protocol ~ generate them to the first power over money, let the Laureate of peace, poetry, chemistry, economy figure it out

    I connected with this amazing artist: Bhuiyan peace painting, you are welcome to friends him, he is painting the logo…

    If this works to put weapons down, if the military does this, perhaps gangs will, drug cartels, if therapists are at the ready, man can:

  4. Pamela Shoop Says:

    To have a two number or letter phone code, like CD or ? That the person horribly commissioned in the crime of: murder, rape, torture, robbery, etc…we could introduce all over the world a two letter phone number that could stop the crime from happening by giving the criminal a way out…they only have to dial two letters, when they dial two letters from a phone, that means they will stop…it will also have to mean that the cops can not kill them

  5. austin thompson drummer/firefighter Says:

    hey Angela im a firefighter/drummer im in high school we had alot of bad weather down in Indiana im also the fire chief of the high school

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