Don’t miss this important two part Oprah, the first airing today November 5.

It has been a crucial part of my mission through my work with PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment to include men’s voices to shatter the silence of sexual violence. Every time I speak a conference, I hear other presenters use the word “She” and “Her” when speaking of survivors of sexual assault. I always speak up and voice my opinion that we need to stop using gendered language because at times even our movement silences male survivors!

This Oprah episode will surely create a groundswell of men speaking out, but the problem lies in the fact that many communities lack the support systems for male survivors. I have heard from countless men across the country on college campuses who survived sexual trauma and when they sought help from local rape crisis centers or counseling centers, they were turned away. This must change!

We are partnering with the organization 1 in 6 and Big Voice Pictures who created the film Boys and Men Healing to work towards cultivating education and action to support men who have been sexually abused. And PAVE’s Empowerment Director Gabe Wright is an outspoken male survivor. Click here on The Guys Project website and watch his short video.

You can submit your email to stay active in making sure we work as survivors and allies to help men and boys heal from sexual abuse!!

Other friends of PAVE doing this important work include:

– Chris and Ophelia of  (Wo)Men Speak Out

Male Survivor

I am seeking your comments…what do we need to do as a society to help men and boys heal from sexual abuse? And if you saw the Oprah show, what did you think?

I have known Erin Merryn – author, activist and outspoken sexual abuse survivor – for many years. As we continue to work together to shatter the silence of sexual violence, I urge you to please to take action on Erin’s Law today.  

A message from PAVE  Ambassador Erin Merryn who appeared on OPRAH in Oct…

“At this very moment millions of children are sitting in classrooms learning how to add, subtract, spell, say no to drugs, escape a tornado, stop, drop, and roll in a fire, and thousands of those children sit in silence waiting for someone to give them the message on safe touch/unsafe touch/safe secrets/unsafe secrets/how to get away and how to tell today. Thank you for acting on this law. It will give children the voice we never had growing up in school.”

Read about Erin in
Read Erin’s Law, Illinois SB2843


Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is the step to get Erin’s law heard and passed in November. Contact him today! Make sure to make the topic of your email Erin’s Law SB2843.
Michael Madigan Speaker of the House: 773-581-8000
Snail mail is the best way to reach him: Michael Madigan, 6500 S. Pulaski Rd, Chicago, Il 60629

CONSIDER HOSTING A LETTER WRITING PARTY! Invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors over in the next few weeks to write letters and let your voice be heard. Thank you! And look for the complete Erin’s Law Action Kit soon on PAVE’s website!