Judge William Adams from Texas who was caught on videotape beating his daughter Hillary Adams with a belt in a seven minute video that went viral was reinstated this week by the Texas Supreme Court. Since this video went viral with over 7 million views (warning: it’s very difficult to watch), Hillary’s mother Hallie has made public that she was a victim of domestic emotional abuse and has left the marriage. Here they are on the Today Show – click here.

Adams’ former wife and Hillary’s mother, Hallie Adams, expressed disappointment in the decisions of the state commission and Supreme Court. “Hillary and I are both really sad today,” she said. “I had really hoped the judicial review process would work. I had really wanted to see the public protected.” Click here for the whole AP Story.

Adding insult to injury, the Judge admits that it is him in the video and justifies his actions. He dismisses the violence as simply disciplining his daughter.

This is a travesty of justice that the Texas Supreme Court is allowing this man back on the bench. There is a line between discipline and violence that I believe we as a society need to address. This video is a clear indication of abuse … he even uses the word “beating” in the video.

I created a blog post response when this went viral and I encourage you to leave your comments on the YouTube page.

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