As Penn State moves forward in its commitment to preventing child sexual abuse and maltreatment, in October they presented the Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Traumatic Impact, Prevention, and Intervention. Sugar Ray Leonard and Elizabeth Smart provided the inspirational keynotes for this incredible conference coordinated by Penn State University. Click above to watch Sugar Ray’s speech. Nationally recognized experts presented their evidence-based research as well as current intervention best practices that have been proven effective in the field.  The goal of the conference was to raise awareness, educate, energize, and empower attendees. This conference was organized by Penn State Justice Center for Research, College of the Liberal Arts, and Penn State Outreach. PAVE’s flyers and materials were distributed thanks to PAVE Ambassador Erin Merryn and PAVE Affiliate Male Survivor. Chris Anderson, Executive Director of Male Survivor, spoke at a pre-conference event about hope, healing and support for male survivors.