The Hope of Survivors Romania Update

We just returned from Romania, where God truly answered every prayer and blessed in far more ways than we even hoped!

Our work in Romania began with a series on revival, reformation and healing at the Balta Alba Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bucharest on Friday, Sabbath and Sabbath evening. Pastor Steve Nelson preached this series with a translator and the people responded very favorably, with 20 or more staying after the last service for special prayer and/or anointing. A couple people actually told us they had specifically prayed for God to send a pastor to speak about the very things Steve preached about!

Sunday morning we headed to Bistrita where we were to meet with a counselor who had previously expressed interest in working with The Hope of Survivors-Romania, as well as a few days of vacation to spend time with my family there. At first, it was discouraging to learn this counselor was not going to be able to help any time soon because she’d just had a baby and was not working at all until sometime next year. We prayed and knew God must have a reason for this and would provide someone else. That’s where the family connection came in. My cousin-in-law’s sister was so excited about The Hope of Survivors that she offered to do whatever she could to help. As it turns out, her husband is a contractor and could help us build a healing center there when the time comes. Her dream has been to have a women’s shelter, so she enthusiastically asked to be part of The Hope of Survivors. It was amazing!

After a few days up north, we headed back down to Stupini to meet with Pastor Ion Buciuman, who is currently the Romanian representative of The Hope of Survivors. We had a wonderful discussion and left the meeting greatly encouraged. As it turns out, while he may not have much time for directly helping victims, he has been VERY active and proactive in encouraging the Romanian Union Conference to work with The Hope of Survivors and he even suggested that we try to return in September 2013 to conduct training sessions for all the Romanian pastors. He is also going to help us find the right person to assist us with incorporating in Romania and the European Union. He was happy to hear that our ideal plans were to establish a healing center there too.
Romania is still very different from the US and other countries. Abuse is a taboo topic there and many women and children (men too) suffer from abuse with no hope of ever escaping it or of even having someone to talk to about it. As much as abuse in general is taboo to talk about, so much more is clergy sexual abuse. There is indeed a large work for THOS in Romania and it now seems that God is bringing everything together. The day before we left, we participated in an interview for a documentary on abuse that will hopefully air in a couple months on the major Romanian TV stations. This is a very necessary educational piece, and we were blessed to have been asked to be a part of it.

From Stupini, we headed to Moieciu where Steve was scheduled to officiate at the wedding ceremony of some dear friends. The Lord really blessed, as we were able to reconnect with close friends and ministry supporters. God had another surprise in store for us though. The sister of the bride is an architect and is willing to help us design the perfect healing center for The Hope of Survivors! Truly, the only thing remaining is to raise the funds, and I believe God will provide for that as well.

Would you please keep The Hope of Survivors-Romania in your prayers? Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated!

Samantha Nelson

Financial Need: $50,000-150,000 to purchase land and/or a building suitable for a healing center.
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