Today I went to the US State Department to conduct a training with a room full of prominent leaders in government and NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We talked about rape as a tool of war as well as other issues of sexual and domestic violence. My presentation was very solution-focused with tangible tips to work towards social change.
After the mass rapes during the Bosnian War:
•Many of these women are not only traumatized by their horrific experiences but also impoverished
•Cast out from their communities, often abandoned by their husbands, few of them can hold down jobs
•Only a handful have received compensation for their suffering, which continues in the form of nightmares, physical injury and mental ill-health.
This training was only the beginning and I look forward to keeping you updated on how this collaboration with PAVE and Bosnia & Herzegovina progress! A few years ago, I led a 4 day educational initiative in the Bahamas, click here for a media clip
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