September 2011

Today I went to the US State Department to conduct a training with a room full of prominent leaders in government and NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We talked about rape as a tool of war as well as other issues of sexual and domestic violence. My presentation was very solution-focused with tangible tips to work towards social change.
After the mass rapes during the Bosnian War:
•Many of these women are not only traumatized by their horrific experiences but also impoverished
•Cast out from their communities, often abandoned by their husbands, few of them can hold down jobs
•Only a handful have received compensation for their suffering, which continues in the form of nightmares, physical injury and mental ill-health.
This training was only the beginning and I look forward to keeping you updated on how this collaboration with PAVE and Bosnia & Herzegovina progress! A few years ago, I led a 4 day educational initiative in the Bahamas, click here for a media clip
And click here for more info on PAVE’s work internationally.
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A doctor in Texas was convicted of drugging and his raping his patient on Valentine’s Day.  And to make it even worse – she was not his only victim. Dr. Rountree took a plea deal for two rapes, and now is up for parole. URGENT ACTION ALERT – We need to write the parole board so we can help protect the community and fight this potential early release.

One of the survivors in the case is a courageous woman named Leandra.Watch a news video with Leandra – click here.

CLICK HERE to read more of the story

A message from Leandra…

I would love for you all to share your voice!! Most of you have seen the hurt and hard times my family has endured because of this horrible assault that came into our lives. I have shared my fears and cried on many of your shoulders. I am now asking for each of you to share those memories and pains you witnessed in hopes that I might keep a serial rapist in prison where he needs to be. Some of you did not witness those tears but were appauled when you saw the coverage on the news and now know that it was me. Thats fine, I want you involved too. Maybe talk about the hurt sexual assault causes and how much safer you feel the community is with this perpatrator behind bars. Some of you are survivors yourselves of past abuse and find healing in speaking out now, share why you are helping me seek justice. Some of you are advocates for victims of abuse…You know what to do!! 🙂

Here is my email address…

You can message me the letters. I will print them all off and I will be hand delivering each one to the Parole Board. Be sure and put your names and contacts in case they want to follow up on any letters.Thank you so much to everyone!!