PAVE Ambassador Erin Merryn has been a champion of shattering the silence of childhood sexual abuse for years. Her latest achievement is the passing of Erin’s Law signed by Gov Quinn in the State of Illinois earlier this year.

The purpose of this law is to inform and protect students from sexual abuse. To mandate school districts implement and educate students on sexual abuse. School boards will adopt age appropriate curriculum on sexual abuse education to students grades pre-k through 5th grade. Education in schools is an effective method for preventing children from falling prey to sexual abuse or stay silent if it does occur.

URGENT ACTION NEEDED! We want Erin’s Law in all 50 states! About a half dozen states have Erin’s Law in the works, however we can speed up time with President acting now or soon on this! Please send a copy of this letter to Arnie Duncan at the US Dept of Education.  Click here to download the letter – ArneDuncanletter-1 – please add your name at the bottom and send in the next few days! You can send via snail mail and email:

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