February 2011

Angela Rose, Founder of Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment (PAVE), speaks to CNN HLN’s Jane Velez Mitchell on the recent DC attacks on elderly females.

Happy Valentine’s Day! It was great to speak to you on our conference call – PAVE LOVE: Building the National Movement to Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence. Missed it? No worries, listen here:

Feb 14 Vday PAVE Love Call

PAVE National Walk to Shatter the Silence – Read More, Click here!

Join PAVE for its inaugural national walk as a day of solidarity for an empowering conclusion to Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) on Saturday, April 30, 2011. PAVE will provide the tool kit complete with flyers, posters, press release, and a step-by-step guide to make it simple to create a walk in your community. You also will have an opportunity to raise donations for your favorite local charity such as a local YWCA or rape crisis center! The community that raises the most money will win an event in the fall or next SAAM with MTV’s Sarah Rice and acclaimed poet Steve Connell (seen on BET, MSNBC, HBO and more!)

 GET INVOLVED! Email: Programs@ShatteringTheSilence.org

Join us on Valentine’s Day for a brief 20-30min conference call with PAVE Founder, Angela Rose, to discuss some exciting new national initiatives that you can cultivate in your own community for positive change!  We need you!!  Spread the word about this call to your friends, colleagues, campus Women’s Center, local rape crisis affiliates, etc

You can also invite others via this link: http://pavevdaycall2011.eventbrite.com 

Conference Call: 9am PST/10am MST/11am CST/Noon EST 

218-862-1300 code: 423026

Join PAVE for its inaugural National Walk and day of solidarity.  This empowering conclusion to Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) can take place on Saturday, April 30, 2011 or in conjunction with another walk you already have planned for SAAM!  Complete information will be provided on the Valentine’s Day Call.  Click here to read more.

PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment is a multi-national nonprofit that uses art, education and action to shatter the silence of sexual and domestic violence. PAVE’s initiatives have been implemented in over 50 cities and 3 countries. PAVE’s work has been featured on CNN, Today Show, and in TIME. www.ShatteringTheSilence.org

218-862-1300 code: 423026

Conference Call: 9am PST/10am MST/11am CST/Noon EST

BREAKING NEWS from Washington DC:

Thanks to all of the support from members of PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment and other grassroots groups who signed the MoveOn.org petition and media such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Show who collectively created a firestorm throughout the web this week about the redefinition of the term rape to only include “forcible rape”.  Due to all of the outcry, today Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) (the lead sponsor of the bill and chair of the House pro-life caucus) said he will remove the phrase “forcible rape” from the bill illustrating that our united voices have been heard!

We stand strong in the notion that rape doesn’t always mean physical force – it means a lack of consent, which is a freely-given YES and not the absence of a NO. As I travel all over the country, countless HS and college students disclose stories of being raped while severely intoxicated or drugged. We are on a mission to educate on the issues of sexual violence and how most often is not committed by a stranger, but by someone who we know and trust. We need to engage both men and women to work together to become a part of the solution!

Though this battle with this legislation is not over (this bill still has some dangerous aspects), at least we can celebrate a victory. My favorite quote – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -margaret mead

Thank you for working with us to shatter the silence of sexual violence!

Visit PAVE’s Website: www.ShatteringTheSilence.org

The Daily Show Video Link

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