October 2010

I have known Erin Merryn – author, activist and outspoken sexual abuse survivor – for many years. As we continue to work together to shatter the silence of sexual violence, I urge you to please to take action on Erin’s Law today.  

A message from PAVE  Ambassador Erin Merryn who appeared on OPRAH in Oct…

“At this very moment millions of children are sitting in classrooms learning how to add, subtract, spell, say no to drugs, escape a tornado, stop, drop, and roll in a fire, and thousands of those children sit in silence waiting for someone to give them the message on safe touch/unsafe touch/safe secrets/unsafe secrets/how to get away and how to tell today. Thank you for acting on this law. It will give children the voice we never had growing up in school.”

Read about Erin in TIME.com
Read Erin’s Law, Illinois SB2843


Speaker of the House Michael Madigan is the step to get Erin’s law heard and passed in November. Contact him today! Make sure to make the topic of your email Erin’s Law SB2843.
Michael Madigan Speaker of the House: 773-581-8000 mmadigan@hds.ilga.gov
Snail mail is the best way to reach him: Michael Madigan, 6500 S. Pulaski Rd, Chicago, Il 60629

CONSIDER HOSTING A LETTER WRITING PARTY! Invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors over in the next few weeks to write letters and let your voice be heard. Thank you! And look for the complete Erin’s Law Action Kit soon on PAVE’s website!


In discussing the sexual abuse allegations against Georgia Bishop Eddie Long, Don Lemon shattered the silence of sexual violence by disclosing that he was a victim of a pedophile.

“I have never admitted this on television,” Lemon said. “I am a victim of a pedophile when I was a kid. Someone who was much older than me.”

Later in the segment he added, “I have never admitted that on television. I didn’t tell my mom that until I was 30 years old.”

Thank you Don for using your voice! Sexual violence affects both men and women…and we must be the voice for all who have been silenced by violence!