PAVE partnered with Aytia/Matia artists collective for a SOLD OUT performance art event called Sleep Cycles in Brooklyn, NY on Nov 20, 2009. Aytia/Matia is composed of New York City’s most talented young composers, filmmakers, fine artists and visual artists. This event was held at the Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn, NY. This event used the five stages of sleep, or the REM sleep cycle, as a guide. The moment you entered the venue, you sliped into stage one sleep, those few moments when you’re still half-lucid. As the performance progressed, so did the audience through the five stages of sleep, culminating with the premiere of Pyramid Scheme, composer, Grayson Sanders suite for electro-acoustic orchestra. The detailed design of the space coupled with the continuous sequence of performances truly felt like a journey through the human unconscious. It was the event itself that was the real piece of art. Visual art by Aytia/Matia artist, David Sprecher. PAVE’s involvement stems from the notion that sleep should be celebrated and many survivors of sexual violence have a hard time achieving peaceful slumber. Read a review of the event